Ladder Ribbon Necklaces                                                                              Crocheted Wire 

It's called Ladder, Trellis or Ribbon yarn and it is soft & lightweight. 

We create lovely necklaces and bracelets out of this material, in your choice of color.  There are even "metallic" yarns that can be used... so much so that it appears to be made out of Metal yet it is soft fabric to the touch.  These pieces are very easy to slip over your head or wrist & are very adjustable in length & can be worn in various ways...for your fashion variations.

Strands are usually 5-8 per each necklace measuring approx. 22-24 inches in length.  We have some new designs we call "Waterfall"; they start from a choker style and go all the way down to the waistline....very dramatic indeed!

We are open to "custom orders" so please email us with your ideas and timetable and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I'm experimenting with some new & exciting yarns that have crystals imbedded in their be on the look-out for some new items on my website.... I'm thinking of trying "earrings" next!

Enjoy viewing our handmade designs!