These lovely necklaces are crocheted with wire and gemstones, pearls and highly polished stones are added.  They have a magnetic closure for easy off and on.  We can make your necklace with gold, silver, copper or dark (brown-black) wires and can add various colors of highly polished stones, pearls and/or quartz gemstones of your choice.  Please email me with your questions and orders.


   Dark Brown wire with polished stones and quartz  $ 45                                                   Close-up View


     Silver wire with shades of Green polished stones & Quartz  $ 48                                         Close-up View


      Gold Wire with scattered Pearls   $ 50                                              Copper Wire with orange and quartz stones   $ 45


 Dark Brown wire with Pearls, gemstones & polished stones  $ 48                                       Close-up view

Gold Wire with Blue and Turquoise beads/stones  $ 48