Our wonderful Divine Thread necklaces can be made custom in your choice of colors.  They all have an adjustable bead at the back of the necklace in order for you to adjust it to your liking.  It simply slips over your head and you adjust it.  You can wear it as a choker as well as turn it around and it becomes a Lariat-style!  It's very versatile and lightweight too!  They usually come in 22" lengths so please specify your desired length in your order.



Blue-Purple $ 20                                     Black-Maroon $ 20 


                                         Dark Purple $ 20                                                   Raspberry-Copper $ 20  


                                              Bright Red $ 20                                               Silver-Grey $ 20 


Pink, Purple and Silver $ 20                             Purple, Pink and Blue  $ 20

Dark Brown, Tan, Black and Gold   $ 20